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Why You Should Not Let Pet Urine Dry Out On Your Carpets?

It is always recommended not to let pet urine dry on your carpets for plenty of reasons. We will discuss them here in detail so that you can have an idea about what can happen if pet urine becomes dry on the carpet fibre. 

As you might have guessed already that letting them dry will lead to stains and odour, there are still other reasons. But in case if they have dried out, the only way to get rid of the stains is to call professional cleaners. Anyway, if you are in Caulfield North and want to keep your carpet in the best shape, the following points are for you.

  • Odour

Since urine contains acid, it will lead to odour from your residential or commercial carpet, and removing them later will become difficult for you. So, it is always recommended that you remove them fresh. However, if they have become dry, the only way you can get rid of the odour is by calling the best carpet pet urine removers in Caulfield North.

The professionals will arrive and will remove not just the dried urine but also the odour and will freshen up the entire carpet.

  • Mould

After your pet urinates on your carpet, it becomes wet and this leads to an increase in the humidity levels on the carpet fibres. This can eventually lead to mould growth.

Mould is harmful since its spores can get into the air and can make you sick. Moreover, to remove the mould from your carpet, you will need to get the entire carpet cleaned thoroughly which can be time-consuming as well as costly. Therefore, don’t let it dry out on the carpet fibre.

  • Disease-Causing Agents

If the urine of your pet dries out on the surface, it can not only generate bacteria on the fungus on the surface, these bacteria can lead to diseases that can affect you as well as your pets. So, it’s best to remove pet urine immediately. However, if it has already dried out and you notice stains on the surface, call the best carpet pet stain remover in Caulfield North to remove them and keep you protected from the diseases.

  • Stains

Though we have discussed this already, it requires special mention because if the pet urine has dried out, it causes ugly stains. Moreover, they will require special measures to be eliminated which are known only to the best cleaners around. So, you need to be careful at all times if you want to maintain your carpet.

  • Dullness

Another reason why you should try to keep urine from drying on the surface of your carpet is that it will make your carpet look dull. Then, the only way you can restore the appeal is to call the best carpet pet stain and urine removers in Caulfield North.

They will arrive and will use the latest tools and techniques to remove whatever is there on the surface.

So, now that you have gone through the points, make it a habit of removing the pet stains without delay.

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