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Effective Methods to Help Remove Pet Stains and Urine from Carpets

Stain and odour on your carpets caused by urine from your pets can be quite a turn-off. But you can remove it by following certain easy steps and today, we will be discussing those steps. However, if the stains and the odour are stubborn, you will need to call professionals. They will be applying certain solutions to get rid of them. 

Now, let us delve into the ways how you can remove them efficiently.

  • Clean Quickly  

As we mentioned just a while ago, cleaning pet urine quickly helps you to prevent stains as well as odour. In fact, this is also recommended by professional pet stain removers. You just have to be attentive. Otherwise, if you delay, they will become hard to remove. 

You can use a clean towel or a rag to blot the urine and stop it from seeping deeper into the fibres.

  • Use an Enzyme Cleaner

Since urine contains enzymes, using an enzyme-cleaning agent will help you to get rid of both pet stains and odours. 

There are various commercial enzyme cleaners readily available that you can use. However, before using, make sure that they are pet-friendly. Also, you should read the manual that states the process of application to get the best results.

  • Using Deodorisers

Well, using deodorisers is a good solution in removing the odours caused by pet urine. But with this solution, you might not be able to remove the stains caused by urine. Anyway, we will discuss that later in detail.

You can use commercial deodorisers or use vinegar mixed with lukewarm water. This is an organic solvent, does not contain any chemicals, yet is very effective against the odour. And for this reason, professionals providing carpet odour removal services recommend vinegar in DIY.

  • Baking Soda to the Rescue

To remove the pet stains, the usage of baking soda is always recommended by experts. This is because it is an abrasive which dislodges the dried stains and thus helps to remove them easily. 

All you need to do is sprinkle baking soda mixed with vinegar over the stained area, leave it for a few minutes and then remove it with a brush to make the stains disappear.

  • Leaving the Carpet Under the Sun

Leaving the carpet under the sun for a few hours can also remove the odour according to some pet urine removers.

Sunlight contains UV rays. So, it works as a natural disinfectant. Besides, the heat from the sun quickly dispels the odour. However, if the odour and the stains both seem to be unmanageable, this process will not work. You will need to call professionals to do the needful.

  • Using a Commercial Stain Cleaning Solution

To remove the stain, specifically, you can use commercial stain remover. But make sure that it is pet friendly. 

You should ask the dealer or research more about the stain remover that you wish to buy either from an e-commerce platform or the store. Also, you should read the directions of use and keep it away from children and your pets.

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