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Removal of Dog Pee Out of Carpet in Melbourne
At Pet Stain Remover, we are home to a team of highly qualified and trained technicians who are good enough to remove dog pee out of carpet in Melbourne. With more than 20 years of experience we are the most trustworthy names, offering spotless cleaning service that will leave our clients 100% satisfied. So when you put stakes on us, you can be sure that your investment and trust in us will be fully justified.
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What is the Specialty of Our Pet Stain Eraser service in Melbourne?

To remove pet urine odours, our professional pet stain remover professionals in Melbourne would use a combination of steam cleaning, deodorising and wide array carpet surface treatment procedures for removal of the pungent smell of urine odour and its stain.

The procedures of treatment we follow depend upon the extent of odour and the material the carpets are made up of. It also depends on the time the pee has been resting on the carpet. Thus you see, the procedure needs a customised approach and that’s precisely what our dog pee removal specialists in Melbourne would follow. Our customised approach helps us to come up with a perfect and holistic solution.

As and when the stain passes beyond the surface of the carpet and absorbs into the backing of the carpet, subfloor or the underlay, our experts would implement tailored techniques that would involve:
  • Pulling the carpet in question up along with the underlay
  • Washing and treating the backing of the carpet, underlay as well as the subfloor with dedicated cleaning products.
  • Relaying of the carpet once the stain along with the odour is fully gone to the satisfaction of the clients as well as our cleaners.

What makes our service that removes dog pee out of carpet in Melbourne so unique?

There are few USPs of our service that makes us so much acclaimed. We would follow a result-oriented approach that makes all the difference. Our highly trained cleaners would use state of the art technology to remove dog pee out of carpet in Melbourne. They would use black light technology for determining the pet stains and smells. Then they will evaluate the various sources and the magnitude of pet odour before its removal.

In most cases, our pet urine smell remover specialist in Melbourne would use hot water extraction method to remove the urine crystals, which will help remove the odour as well.

Thus you see, we are one of the best in the business to turn your carpets as fresh and clean as new with the use of the best methods.
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