Why Should You Not Delay the Removal of Dog Urine From Carpets?

To protect your carpet from stains caused by your pet, you need to be attentive. You will also need to take swift action to retain the appearance of your carpet. But the most important thing is doing the right thing without delay. Because if you are not swift in taking action, you might experience a wide range of problems that include odour and stains on your carpet.

If you are in Melbourne or any of its suburbs and want to extend the lifespan of your carpet by keeping it clean, you should follow this discussion.

Here, we will be specifically focusing on why you should not delay dog urine removal from your carpet.

Dog Urine Contains Bacteria and Other Germs

Actually, it’s not just dog urine, the urine of most animals comprises bacteria and germs which can make you sick.

If your dog urinates on your carpet, the germs or bacteria will quickly get inside the fibres. So, removing it quickly with the help of cloth is needed. But if you delay, the urine will get deep into the carpet and so will the germs thus making your carpet a bacteria hotspot.

In this scenario, you will need to call in pet stain removers in East Melbourne also serving in the other suburbs since they will get rid of the germs as well.

Urine Is Generally Hard To Remove

Dog urine is generally hard to remove. For this reason, you should not delay in removing the same from your carpet.

Yes, you might be able to soak in some urine by using a cloth, but since it is acidic in nature, it will get deep inside the carpet quickly. So, the only way to prevent this, as guided by the best carpet stain removers in Kew and other Melbourne suburbs is to rapidly soak it right after your pet releases himself or herself.

Dog Urine Can Quickly Give Off Odours

Nobody likes odours from carpets. But unfortunately, dog urine can give off an odour if you don’t eliminate it quickly. Thus, delaying the removal will exacerbate the situation.

To get rid of the odour, you can quickly remove the urine with a cloth and can also use a scrubber. After that, you can use some deodorisers. Otherwise, you can call in the dog urine smell removers in Point Cook or the Melbourne suburb where you are in.

The professionals will steam clean the carpet to get rid of the smell.

Dog Urine Can Lead to Mould Growth

Delaying the removal of dog urine can lead to the growth of mould on the carpet.

Since urine is a form of liquid, if it gets inside the carpet fibre, the moisture trapped inside can lead to fungal growth. Therefore, you should remove it as soon as possible.

Hard to Remove Stains Can Form

Delaying the removal of dog urine can lead to hard to remove stains on the carpet.

Yes, some stains can be removed with homemade solutions. But if the stains from the dog urine become hard to remove, you will need to call in dog urine smell removers in South Yarra or the Melbourne suburb where you are since these professionals remove the stains as well.

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